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POINT OF CARE TESTING By Ned D. Heindel Professor of Chemistry [email protected] READING & BACKGROUND [do this before class] 1) Point-of-Care Testing: An Introduction (2007) Sheryl L Gutierres, PharmD, U niversity of Oklahoma Timothy E Welty, PharmD, Samford University DATA SYNTHESIS: Point-of-care testing devices and technology are increasingly used in the delivery of care and therapeutic decision making. No studies have evaluated the impact of point-of-care testing, by itself, on patient care and outcomes. All studies have incorporated point-of-care testing with changes in the way patient care is delivered and have shown significant improvements when this approach is taken. The cost of point-of-care testing on a per test basis is sometimes greater than traditional laboratory testing, but that increased cost may be offset by improvements in the management of patient care, improvements in patient outcomes, and decreased utilization of the healthcare system. Point-of-care testing has been used successfully by pharmacists in disease management programs. Various government regulations and legislation impact the use of point-of-care testing . 2) On HIV testing -- read this
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