hw2-s08-key - Ec 178 ECONOMIC & BUS FORECASTING Foster,...

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Ec 178 – ECONOMIC & BUS FORECASTING Name: ANSWER KEY Foster, UCSD, Due Wednesday, 21 MAY 08 1 ID: __________________________ HW #2 – SEASONALITY & ACCURACY Put answers in space provided. Point values of questions in [boldface] . Homework points will be adjusted to make them comparable to exam points at the end of the term. The Problem Let y t = quarterly national income for an agrarian nation. Table 1 shows data from 2001:1 to 2008:1 (t = 1…29). The ex ante forecast period will be from 2008:2 to 2008:4 (t = 30 – 32). Doing the Assignment In the instructions below: = left mouse click;  = double-click; = right-click Boldface = commands you type Italics = my notes on what happens next c = things you have to record or attach for this assignment. NOTE – MAKE ALL ATTACHMENTS WITH A STAPLE! [−5] A. Entering, Formatting, Plotting and Smoothing Data Open S TATA . Execute the following commands by typing them on the “Command” line: set obs 32 egen t=fill(1 2) Generates variable t = 1…32. egen q=fill(1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4) Generates variable q. list Data → Data Editor Enter national income data from Table 1 in one column and the year (thru obs 32) in another. (Note that variables t and q are already entered.)  in each column to name the variables y and year . Preserve Close the editor box. File → Save as hw2 Saves as “hw2” in your default directory. Type and execute the following commands: gen date=yq(year,q) 1 Due by the end of class on the due date. No email assignments accepted.
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hw2-s08-key - Ec 178 ECONOMIC & BUS FORECASTING Foster,...

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