359K SYLLABUS - BIO 359K- Animal Behavior Tues/Thurs;...

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BIO 359K- Animal Behavior Tues/Thurs; 11:00-12:30; BUR 208 Tues/Thurs; 12:30-2:00; WAG 420 Instructor: Dr. Blinda E. McClelland (mcclelland@mail.utexas.edu) Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:45. Office: ESB 337 Required Book: Exploring Animal Behavior. Reading from American Scientist (Sherman and Alcock, editors). Note: These chapters are NOT primary research literature! Readings from the primary literature will also be assigned during the semester. TA: Simone Cappellari Office Hours: Friday 9:30-11:00 am or by appt. E-mail: scappellari@mail.utexas.edu Office: BIO 412 (knock on door) TA: Jackie Maffucci Office Hours: Tuesday 11-12; Wednesday 8:30-9:45 E-mail: maffucci@mail.utexas.edu Office: ARC 0.234. Go to back door which is off the parking lot on San Jacinto near the bridge. Call from the phone to be admitted. 471-6311 COURSE DESCRIPTION: EVERYBODY likes animal behavior! (At least, we all like watching shows on the Animal Planet.) Not everyone realizes, though, that animal behavior is the result of evolutionary principles, particularly natural and sexual selection acting on the anatomy and physiology of an animal's body and brain. This course is designed to put you in the academic shoes of the researchers behind the "animal planet" shows, as well as challenge you to begin thinking of the interactions among genetics, endocrinology, motivation, metabolism, life history, learning, neurobiology, sensory physiology, and other elements that clearly contribute to the way an animal acts. Animal behavior is fun; it is also a rigorous science, please be prepared to study.
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EXAMS: There will be 2 in-class and 1 final combination multiple choice, short answer, essay, matching (etc.) exams with increasing numbers of questions and point values on each exam. The in-class exams will be worth 50 and 100 points increasing sequentially and the final will be worth 150 points. Every exam is comprehensive; in other words, the 2nd and especially the final exam will cover recently presented material as well as material from the beginning of the course in a proportional manner. Please double check the final exam schedule when it becomes available. Finals will be taken in the classroom. NO MAKEUP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN!!!
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359K SYLLABUS - BIO 359K- Animal Behavior Tues/Thurs;...

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