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HDF Review sheet 2 - HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships...

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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Love Review Sheet Love 1. True or False. Throughout history, feelings of love were a key component of who a person chose for a spouse. Be able to support your response (e.g., what statistics support this?) a. False. 76% women, 35% men would marry NOT for love. b. North Americans unique in need of love for marriage c. There may be diverse forms of love 2. Traditionally speaking, why have people married? a. To have children and unite economic fortunes. People have not traditionally married for love. 3. Who falls in love quicker? (men or women) (note: I didn’t mention this work, but take a guess) a. Men, because they want to spread their seeds. 4. Is love a unitary concept? (i.e., is it just one thing?) a. No. There are different kinds of love. There are all these different theoretical perspective on what is love (the triangle). 5. What are the differences between passionate love and companionate love? a. Passionate love- indirect reward; physiological arousal, belief that the other is the cause of that arousal, if reciprocated- fulfillment and ecstasy, and if unreciprocated-emptiness, anxiety and despair b. Companionate love- is “comfortable, affectionate, trusting love”; it is based on deep sense of friendship, it involves companionship and enjoyment of common activities, mutual interest, and shared laughter. It is rich committed friendship with someone. a. What is needed for passionate love to occur? a. b. What happens when passionate love is reciprocated? Unreciprocated? a. If reciprocated, then you get fulfillment and ecstasy. b. If unreciprocated, then you get emptiness, anxiety and despair. c.
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HDF Review sheet 2 - HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships...

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