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lesson 5 - Greg Ziemak Lesson 5 1 Because no-till farming...

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Greg Ziemak Lesson 5 1. Because no-till farming methods can decrease carbon dioxide emissions and boost nutrients in the soil it is important for farmers to begin to learn about such a method. Energy power companies have begun to pay farmers not to till soil because of the “economic and environmental drawbacks, including the fact that more pesticide is usually needed to fight the organisms that find homes in the residue.” The price of $3-5 per year is set to have a reward for such actions. This price value is creating insurance solutions to manage that risk while allowing the producer to reap greater returns. As GEMCo President Aldyen Donnelly says “the best way to get an American's attention is to 'show him the money'.” 2. Farmers agree to this payment for they want to reduce carbon emissions. Although this may seem a modest amount demands will grow thus raising the price for carbon credits. Farms should be able to deliver 5 tons of carbon credits/acre. As a farmer I would agree to this plan if I knew that such a practice would work and deliver the same
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