Attributes - -Water Quality (improved water quality, no...

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Attributes of Lake Cayuga ecosystem Recreational -Swimming (Clean safe swimming, Swimming everywhere in Cayuga Lake) -Access (Improved public access, the development of access with caution towards fragile systems) -Aesthetic (Less weed growth, scenic beauty, beauty of lake) -Noise (less noise form watercraft) -Fishing (fishing opportunities, public access) Water Supply -Water Quality (high quality drinking water, less sediment in lake for water use) Economics -development to help use lake to improve economy, quality of life among surrounding areas Lake Ecology
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Unformatted text preview: -Water Quality (improved water quality, no pollution)-Natural Resources (natural resources for all, ecosystem within lake is healthy, clean environment, animal control, reduce lake pollution)-Fish Community (healthy fishery, fish spawning)-Scenic Opportunities (Preservation of, more open areas for public) Management-Water Level (flood control, manage lake levels) Wastewater Management-Properly running wastewater treatment plants, sewage, wastewater treatment) Erosion-Control, Beach areas no longer eroded, reduce sedimentation, sediment control...
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