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Tiffany Lee IAH 201 Does Hollywood have an obligation to produce films that promote a better American image abroad? Why or Why not? The audience roars with excitement as a man slowly bleeds to death. The man, who had fought long and hard, was a son, a father, and a husband, but the crowd feels no sympathy. Gladiatorial battles were the Hollywood movies of ancient Rome, and each fight reflected the Roman population’s value in strength and their ideal of the heroic warrior. These battles exposed the entire Roman civilization to brutal violence, and also instilled in its citizens a sense of strength and power—successful gladiators often rose to celebrity status (Dunkle). A comparison between the Romans and Americans is not far- fetched. Gladiatorial battles built the Roman reputation of strength, and this reputation eventually spread far and wide. In the same manner, Hollywood movies, if one sifts through all the violence, ultimately positively portrays the American ideal of strength to its viewers. Hollywood, therefore, has no need to focus on its supposed obligation to only promote positive American images to the rest of the world. Hollywood has long been in the world’s spotlight, but only until recently have the case production codes been so ignored. The industry has been producing an increasing number of films that stir up more and more controversy. Since Hollywood movie directors have begun bludgeoning viewers with bloody films such as Glory , Hotel Rwanda , and There Will be Blood , film critics such as Michael Medved vehemently argue that the “disproportionate emphasis on violent behavior only intensifies with the export of American entertainment.” Chock full of violence, these films at first glance portray the United States to the rest of the world as a society filled with blood, weapons,
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and murder. However, while these three films absolutely do not represent an accurate
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media iah 201 - Tiffany Lee IAH 201 Does Hollywood have an...

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