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introduction to unit 1 - How is your own life your family...

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Reading: Crothers, Globalization and American Popular Culture, Chapter 1 Kirk and Okazawa-Ray, "Identities and Social Locations," Online  Coursepack ONLINE MODULE: See Online Module Folder Under Lessons In this opening week of the course, we begin by exploring identity  focusing on four levels of analysis:  micro, meso, macro, global.  This  discussion sets the foundation for thinking about flows of culture.   We also define key terms this week:  culture, popular  culture, American culture and globalization (economic, political, and  cultural).  As you read, pay attention to how these terms are defined.  
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Unformatted text preview: How is your own life, your family, and your community affected by the economic, political and cultural dimensions of globalization? As you read, make sure you can define and explain the following terms. These will be used throughout the course. culture popular culture public culture civic nationalism, including the seven civic ideas and values that Americans are said to share globalization integration-fragmegration process free trade new world order mass society theory cultural imperialism cultural homogenization cultural hybridization glocalization social location micro/meso/macro/global...
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introduction to unit 1 - How is your own life your family...

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