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Sociology Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 11 First minority group is women. Frederick Engels proposed that patriarchy came with the development of private property. He could not explain why private property should have produced male dominance, however. Women were twice as likely as men to die after coronary bypass surgery. (4.6% of women died, 2.6% of men died). The answer unfolded: unintended sexual discrimination. Physicians had not taken the chest pains of their women patients as seriously as they took the complaints of their men patients. They also sent men to surgery on the basis of abnormal stress tests but waited until women showed clear-cut symptoms of heart disease before sending them to surgery. Having surgery after the disease is farther along reduces the chances of survival. Devaluation of females – you play hockey like a girl Men are more likely than women to interrupt conversations. Some sociologists note that talk between a man and a woman is often more like talk between a boss and an employee than between social equals. Earn $2,400 more a month by being a man and a college graduate. Chapter 12 Race – physical characteristics that distinguish one group from another. Genocide – the systematic annihilation or attempted annihilation of a people because of their presumed race or ethnicity. Ethnicity (and Ethnic) – having distinctive cultural characteristics. Jewish people are an ethnic group, not a race. Minority Group – Sociologist Louis Wirth (1945) defined a minority group as people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. Discrimination – an
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Sociology Exam 3 Study Guide - Sociology Exam 3 Study Guide...

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