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Unformatted text preview: Truth, Beauty, and the American Way Social Construction John Searle How Social Reality Is Created A group of individuals: assigns functions or roles to physical objects shares an intention to treat those objects in the same way conforms to rules for treatment of those objects The Southern Border Social Construction of Beauty Images Examples Beliefs Rules Practices But Wait! Can a group of people just assign anything to be beautiful? W. C. Piquenit, Mount King William from Lake George, Tasmania, 1887 "The Divine Proportion" ivineproportion.html National Eating Disorders Association Evolutionary Psychology of Facial Beauty Averageness Symmetry Sexual Dimorphism Beauty = Good? Beauty as Civic Virtue _______'s Next Top Model Taste Choices among many possible objects and practices A pre-existing menu of socially acceptable choices A form of practical knowledge Pierre Bourdieu 1930-2002 "Taste classifies, and it classifies the classifier." Beauty Culture Early female beauty types Beauty culture Early 20th C consumerism individual liberty health Cosmo's Demographics Women 18-34 Median Individual Income: $26,596 Median Household Income: $52,527 Single, educated, employed, with children Cosmopolitan Global 59 editions 100 countries 34 languages 60 million readers "Fun, Fearless Females" "Helen Gurley Brown's message was never only about sex; it was about how you make your way in a modern world." Lois Banner What forms, images, and messages is Cosmo exporting? Cosmo as BRAND Bae Yong-joon Marketing Global Beauty Directed at middle-class consumer segments Creation of consistent brand image, unified appeals Use few international agencies to do all the company's advertising Beauty Academy in Kabul "Foreign" Beauty in China India Two approaches Imposition of a EuroAmerican white standard of beauty is damaging to all people, especially women. Women are commodified in a global beauty culture. Beauty standards are negotiated in local environments.. Beauty is a form of self-expression and engagement with modernization, globalization, and other macro structures. ...
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