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Chris Collotta Roman Empire Assignment 2 You Want to Start a Revolution?” In the Ancient World men lived by the code of survival of the fittest. The strongest empires, like that of Rome, easily conquered large tracts of land wherever and whenever they deemed it necessary. In these times of hostility it was very hard to resist the Roman Army because of its awesome size and strength. In the year 6 AD, Judaea, which had been a client kingdom of Rome (i.e., it had its own ruler), became a Roman province ruled by a Roman procurator. A procurator was responsible for maintaining peace and collecting taxes in provinces throughout the empire. In 39 AD, Emperor Caligula declared himself a god and ordered his statues to be set up in temples throughout the Empire. The Jews refused, and began preparations for armed revolt. What would follow was the complete destruction of the Jewish community in Judaea. A major Diaspora of the Jews due to slavery and people fleeing would spread them throughout the world when the wars were finally over. In Josephus’s Jewish War we learn of the atrocities committed against the Jews by the Romans and how the Jews tried to combat these violations. In the beginning of the Jewish War the Romans attempted to breach Jerusalem but were unable to enter the city because of its high walls. After some time the Roman generals set up a base outside of Jerusalem and begin to build a ramp that was high enough to breach Jerusalem’s walls. Within the walls, a Jewish leader, Eleazar, knew that
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it would not be long before Titus Flavius and his Roman army breached Jerusalem. It was ordered by leaders that the remaining Jewish grain supply in Jerusalem be burned so that everyone would fight and no Jew would try to negotiate a peace treaty. This method of defiance impressed the Romans and showed them the Jews would rather die than be slaves. I agree with the idea of suicide over slavery in this case. The Jews had been treated brutally by the Romans and had no reason to believe that they would be spared if they tried to surrender. In Josephus’s Jewish War he writes of how Titus Flavius ordered the city to be burned because there were no Jews left to kill or enslave: Now as soon as the army had no more people to slay or to plunder, because there remained none to be the objects of their fury, (for they would not have spared any, had there remained any other work to be done,) Caesar gave orders that they should now demolish the entire city and temple 1 This passage tells me that the Romans had no thoughts of ever letting the Jews be free once the rebellions had begun. The Roman emperor planned on enslaving the Jews and taking their city, but when the Jews resisted it was ordered that they were to be killed and their city was to be burned. I feel the Jews showed the Romans they would never accept slavery though by killing themselves in huge numbers. After the fall of Jerusalem there was only one stronghold left in Judaea, and it was
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rome 2 - Chris Collotta Roman Empire Assignment 2 “You...

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