brands review - As you read this excerpt, think about the...

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As you read this excerpt, think about the following questions: How do consumers form identities around certain brands? Are you part of any brand communities? How does Twitchell associate brands with religion? What kind of religion does he say brands represent? How do brands function in the stories we tell of our lives? Excerpt from An English Teacher Looks at Branding James B Twitchell.  Journal of Consumer Research . Gainesville: Sep 2004.  Vol. 31, Iss. 2;  pg. 484, 6 pgs What marks the modern world is that certain brand fictions have been able  to generate a deep and almost instantaneous bond between consumers.  We speak of brand families of manufactured objects, never really  appreciating that such families may well extend into the human sphere-the  true brand extension. We use the term "brand loyalty" without appreciating  the power of what such affiliation really means. We all know from the way that certain automobile owners wave at each  other solely on the basis of the brand of car they drive (e.g., Saab), how  certain computer users form chat groups that extend friendship beyond  simple discussion of shared equipment or operating systems (e.g., Apple  or Linux), how the alumni of certain schools seem to bond even if they  were not in the same class (Dartmouth College), and even how dog  owners will cross busy streets to chat with someone with the same breed,  but we do not know exactly what to make of this meaning. While we may recognize cult-community status woven around such  disparate brandsagas as the Mazda Miata, Krispy Kreme donuts, Zippo  lighters, Jeeps, Tupperware, various cigars and wines, to say nothing of 
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brands review - As you read this excerpt, think about the...

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