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Standing Free from America By staff reporter LU RUCAI, China Today Throughout China’s drive to get into the mainstream, modernization has been synonymous with Americanization, and American influence has permeated all areas of Chinese society. The concept of “de-Americanization” recently raised in the media has consequently triggered off hot debate. America’s Ever-Encroaching Influence Ding Gang, senior journalist at the People’s Daily, has been working as special UN-based correspondent for years. Upon his return he was, like many other returned expatriate Chinese, stunned at the extent of overseas influence in urban China, particularly in the capital, where the overall outlook has transformed. The world Ding left behind in New York appears to have followed him home. To him it seems, “I live in a familiar yet altered Beijing; there are tower blocks in Beijing and Shanghai even more magnificent than those in New York. Real estate projects such as the 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, Sunshine Manhattan and Back Street Lifestyle of Manhattan indicate the desire to build a Manhattan right here in China.” The influence of American culture is everywhere. To many, American imported goods represent the ultimate in good taste and high living. From a young urban Chinese person’s point of view, ignorance of American idioms such as “cool,” and ”get real” mean social death, and people of all ages part with a casual “bye bye.” One aspect of Americanization Ding finds particularly disconcerting is the frequent occurrence of the English word “mall” in the close-packed Chinese text of both major and local Chinese
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Standing_Free_from_America - Standing Free from America By...

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