Skin lighteners - Reading questions What percentage of skin...

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Unformatted text preview: Reading questions: What percentage of skin care sales in India are skin lighteners? India's National Human Rights Commission collects and investigates petitions from people who believe they are victims of a human rights violation. In what way does Brinda Karat's petition to the commission argue that the sale of skin lighteners are a violation of human rights? How are skin lighteners marketed? What techniques do advertisers use? What did Hindustan Lever do when it received criticism for its Fair & Lovely advertising campaign? Indian Women Criticize 'Fair and Lovely' Ideal Run Date: 04/28/03 By Nicole LeistikowWeNews correspondent e Skin lightening is coming under increasing criticism in India. NEW DELHI, India (WOMENSENEWS)--Two attractive young women are sitting in a bedroom having an intimate conversation. The lighter- skinned woman has a boyfriend and, consequently, is happy. The darker-skinned woman, lacking a boyfriend, is not. Her friend's advice? Use a bar of soap to wash away the dark skin that's keeping men from flocking. Hindustan Lever Limited, one of India's largest manufacturing and marketing conglomerates, discontinued two of its television advertisements for Fair and Lovely Fairness Cold Cream this month, after a year-long campaign led by the All India Democratic Women's Association. Increasing public criticism may be initiating a change in cultural attitudes towards skin whitening in India, a country where the fairness industry accounts for 60 percent of skincare sales, bringing in $140 million a year. The company is the Indian subsidiary of Unilever PLC, based in London. In a memo to India's National Human Rights Commission, Brinda Karat, general secretary of the women's association, calls one of the ads "discriminatory on the basis of the color of skin," and "an affront to a woman's dignity," because it shows fairer women having greater...
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Skin lighteners - Reading questions What percentage of skin...

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