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Little thoughts over a Big Mac A contemplation of the so-called Americanization of China By Bruce Kennedy CNN Interactive BEIJING (CNN) -- I went to a McDonald's today -- for purely journalistic reasons, mind you. It was a little past noon, and the place was just like any other McDonald's around the world -- swamped at lunch . There were some Chinese touches, of course. Ronald McDonald spoke in weepingly beautiful Mandarin from a videotape playing on a corner monitor. There was a laissez faire attitude at the counter -- no lines, just push your way through and establish eye contact. The help looked like those at McDonald's everywhere -- the deeply harassed yet focused look of fast-food workers trying to keep ahead of the rising tide of hungry people. There was a brief pause around me when I Red lantern, golden arches: Outside the  McDonald's on Wangfujing Street 
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asked for a "number one" meal. Although I ordered in Chinese, the lady behind the counter insisted I point to my selection displayed on a laminated sheet. You will be glad to know, I am sure, that the food was just like any other McDonald's. On my way to the second floor dining area, I passed three other non-Chinese patrons.
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