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Reading questions for nation branding

Reading questions for nation branding - How have local...

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Reading questions   Gajendar, et al, “What is Design’s Role in Sustainable Globalization”?   Why do the authors think Coke is the symbol of an “American  Lifestyle”? When and how did Coke initially establish itself as a  global brand?   What is glocalization?  What attempts has Coke made to globalize its  product and disassociate itself from its connection to a perceived U.  S. imperialism? 
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Unformatted text preview: How have local cultures (Great Britain, Haiti, Barbados, Argentina) adapted the consumption and meaning of Coke into their own lifeways? What do the authors feel are the negative effects of Coke’s spread as a local brand, especially into impoverished nations? How have some cultures resisted Coke and other brands? What do the authors mean by “positive globalization”?...
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