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introduction to unit 3 - and historically defined and is...

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Readings: Articles in "Skin Lightening" Folder. ONLINE MODULE: Please consult Online Module folder. This week we bring together our discussions of identity, culture, and  globalization with a look at social constructions of the body, and how  these are influenced by media representations. Most of us are  concerned with our physical appearance, the way we immediately  project ourselves to the social world (micro).  We are often identified  and judged by our fashion choices and by other decisions we make  about altering or not altering our bodies (meso).  Beauty is culturally 
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Unformatted text preview: and historically defined, and is affected by changes in values, beliefs, social institutions, and technologies (macro). In a globalized world, the spread of media images and the rise of a powerful cosmetics industry has affected people's perceptions of beauty the world over. In this unit, we consider the case of global beauty. As you read, pay attention to the following terms: Taste Beauty Culture Colorism/Shadism Bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) Doing well by doing good Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Aspirational Wal-martization...
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