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One of the ways that we participate in a global world is by identifying  and buying brands.  Through the simple stories they tell, brands sell  ways of life and are powerful popular culture icons of identity and  consumerism.  They become part of our own stories as we identify  our ourselves through them and form communities around them (ie.  the Microsoft user vs. the Mac user).  In this unit, we look at some  interesting dimensions of global brands, from creation to reception.   We consider whether brands are national and whether nations can be 
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Unformatted text preview: brands, the ways in which multinational companies court local cultures while maintaining a global identity for their brands, and what debates have arisen over the spread of the global brand. As you read, pay attention to the following terms: Brandsaga/ Brand stories Brand personality Brand hijacking Brand consistency Culture Jamming Cool Britannia Fetishization Acculturation Creolization Coca-colonization Super-connectors Social network...
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