Intro to unit 7 - explore the efforts of the mainstream...

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Just as we have done for television and movies, our discussion of music  will focus both on the state of the global industry and on analysis and  interpretation of form and content.  What exactly distinguishes music from  other types of sound, and what role does it play in human culture?  Why  does music so easily cross boundaries of race, nationality, religion and  genre?  What sort of political messages can music carry, and how has it  been deployed as a form of soft power? As with other media industries, the music industry is in the throes of  massive change wrought by digital technologies that have made it much  easier to produce and distribute creative content like songs.  Since  intellectual property issues are most visible in discussions of music, we will 
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Unformatted text preview: explore the efforts of the mainstream music industry to control unauthorized downloading and sampling, and the arguments by free culture advocates to “free the music.” Finally, within this new digital scene, we will look at a recent international treaty that seeks to protect the diversity of cultural expression from what many see as the homogenizing forces of a global culture. As you read and listen to lectures, pay attention to the following terms: Biomusicology Musical crossover Jazz diplomacy Benefit concerts Cultural politics Hip-hop culture Major record companies Copyright Fair Use Sampling Mashup Free culture movement Remix vs. Permission Culture Four Freedoms (Free Software Foundation) Creative Commons License...
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Intro to unit 7 - explore the efforts of the mainstream...

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