Intro to unit 6 - perception of America's economic...

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Readings: Gumery, International Views, Chapter 1,+ pages 131-157 Online Course Pack: Steve Schifferes, "Shanghai: Creating a Global City"; Mel Van Elteren, Definitions of Americanization and De-Americanization; Lu Rucai, "Standing Free of America"; Bruce Kennedy, "Little Thoughts Over a Big Mac" In this unit, we broaden our scope to consider the meanings of national identity and globalization. Speficially, we consider a debate over American influence in the world and whether "globalization" and "Americanization" mean the same thing. How are the two concepts related and how do they diverge? What are the political implications of using each term? Is the
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Unformatted text preview: perception of America's economic, political, and cultural domination in the world justified? Does America have any competition for worldwide influence? Does it stand alone in that influence? What do the writers perceive as the positive and negative aspects of that influence? Why do the citizens of some countries, like China or Venezuela, want to "de-Americanize"? As you read, also pay attention to the following terms: Americanization cultural imperialism de-Americanization hegemony outsourcing consumerism acculturation sovereignty reverse colonization protectionism entitlement exceptionalism (from lecture)...
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Intro to unit 6 - perception of America's economic...

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