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Unformatted text preview: analyzing hip hop Sound object Performer Audience Medium Social context Historical context Historical context post civilrights America first postsoul kids white flight/urban blight/suburban sprawl black middle class buppies 70s New York, South Bronx heroin, angel dust, crack (McDonaldization) Sound object Jamaican dub funk disco techno R & B DJing sampling rhyming Social context urban parks schoolyards clubs gyms dance halls arenas dealers and pimps Audiences Black White Latino Global Media Battles, dances, concerts LPs, cassettes, CDs radio music videos films advertisements Sound technology mixers turntables samplers "the permanent business" producers managers attorneys journalists Corporate world record labels distributors media conglomerates beverage companies online music Tieins basketball boxing clothing beverages Style, taste, fashion graffiti breakdancing films: blaxploitation, kung fu, Mafia music videos ...
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