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01-Karma_Payment_Plan_v1 - English 100F Karma Payment Plan...

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English 100F Karma Payment Plan When he woke up in the morning the sun was high in the sky. He was halfway between an alley and someone’s backyard, lying against a decrepit looking brick garage. He stood up, and he felt pretty good. I’m still drunk, he thought. When he bent down to tie his shoe, he noticed that one was missing. He felt his back pocket—empty— and his front pockets—only keys. Shit. He took his shoe and socks off and stepped out into the alley, looked both ways, and set off towards what appeared to be the busier street. When he got to the end of the alley he turned left, again towards the busier street. After a little walking, he knew that he was headed east because the numbers were going down. It was probably around noon, and people were giving him funny looks. He assumed it was because he looked like a jackass walking down the street with no shoes. Fate seemed to be on his side though, because two blocks down from the alley going east he found his shoe wedged into a storm drain, messy but functional. With both shoes on he felt complete, but when he looked around and noticed the leafless trees and thought how cold it was he realized he’d also lost his jacket. The last thing he could remember was playing pool in that bar down the street from Wrigley field with all the bikes hanging from the ceiling. A few more blocks southeast and he was at Montrose and Damen. He didn’t have far to go, just a quick walk south through Lincoln park and he’d be on Addison street in Wrigleyville, where with a whole lotta luck he’d find at least two of his missing items. The wallet was of primary importance though.
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He was still getting queer looks walking down the sidewalk, so he examined himself up and down in a store window. His clothes were dirty and ruined to be sure, but he didn’t notice any blood. Walking down Lincoln Ave. he saw himself in some of the faces he passed; still drunk, lost souls who took their nights to the edge, then said fuck it and jumped. He silently wished them luck in finding whatever they’d lost the night before. A homeless person approached him as though to ask for change, but then passed on without a word. He had no money in his pockets, and as he walked he wondered how he would get home if he didn’t find his wallet or cell phone. One thing at a time, he thought. If you have to, just hop a turnstyle at the train.
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01-Karma_Payment_Plan_v1 - English 100F Karma Payment Plan...

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