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HW #2 1. It is not the case that I wasn’t on time. Scheme: A=It is the case that I was on time. Translation: ~ ~ A 2. Neither the butler nor the maid did it. Scheme: B=The butler did it. C=The maid did it. Translation: ~ (B v C) 3. Kant said morality depends on reason, but Freud disagreed. Scheme: D=Kant said morality depends on reason. E=Freud agreed. Translation: 4. At this moment Hillary is either in New York or D.C., but she can’t be in both places at once . Scheme: F=At this moment Hillary is in New York. G=At this moment Hillary is in DC. H=She can be in both places at once. Translation: 5. They must be either mad or drunk, or both. Scheme: I=They must be mad. J=They must be drunk. Translation: 6. It is not the case that: either you work hard (and don’t have fun) or you have fun (and don’t work hard) Scheme: K=Either you work hard… Translation: ~K 7. Unless signed copies are returned by the specified date, this offer of employment
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