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Notes 1/19/07 Problem drinking : r Plaut’s definitions o Problem drinking-continued drinking that causes mental, physical or emotional problem, than you have a drinking problem. If your drinking is to cope with emotional issues, you have a problem. Callahan’s definition o Problem drinking- 11 types of problems categorize a problem drinker Frequent intoxication (but, how frequent is too frequent??) binge drinking-being drunk for a period of 24 or more hours at a time Developing systematic drinking behavior. With symptoms like: not being able to stop drinking black or brown outs sneaking drinks (implies that you are embarrassed or others
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Unformatted text preview: have commented about your drinking) Having a psychological dependence. Causes problems between you and family/spouse, relatives Causes problems with you and your friends and/or neighbors. Causing problems at work (need a drink before, after, and/or during work) Had problems with the police or been involved in an accident (car or fight) that is related to your drinking Had any health problems to where your doctor advises you to cut down on your drinking Developing financial problems due to drinking Find your self becoming belligerent and constantly getting into fights when drinking...
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