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o Notes 2/16/07 o Social Learning Theory o One way of looking at alcoholism is as a learned behavior o Like all learning, learning to use and abuse alcohol is complex o Drinking alcohol is a reinforcing behavior when you use it effectively. When you use it moderately o Learned through 2 procedures: Classical and Operant Classical conditioning (pablovian)- learning of emotional responses through body systems not usually under our control Somewhere, the fear response has occurred in the presence of someone or something threatening. The fear has been learned or conditioned to that situation. Over-reactive Autonomic Nervous System- fear is learned more easily. If this is true, the person may develop a fear response to a wide variety of social situations. As their fears overwhelm them, they may turn to alcohol. It releases anxiety and reduces the fear. Operant conditioning- not the involuntary responses that matter.
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Unformatted text preview: Focuses on voluntary responses (someone consciously knows what they are doing). You understand what you are doing. We make choices based on the rewards of the situation (another drink gets me to the buzz or makes the buzz return). ♥ Most of the learning goals involve social re-enforcers. Most alcohol use starts out as social. For some individuals, alcohol takes on a very re-enforced role. • If someone drinks to feel more relaxed, wittier, or to handle a situation better, than they start drinking whenever they face any difficult situation. • Drinking becomes your crutch. ♥ Modeling- people adopt the behavior of those they want to be like. ♥ Response extinction- if a person makes a response that is not rewarded; the likelihood of that response being repeated in another situation is reduced. • If the behavior is punished, you are not likely to repeat it....
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