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Notes 2-21 - ♥ If the amount of drive and conflict...

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Notes 2/21/07 Learning Approach- Drive Reduction Model o The more effective alcohol is in regards to reducing anxiety, the more likely the individual is to use…turns into using excessively It is considered rewarding for consuming the alcohol, so you do it again You are more likely to repeat over and over o Have to find other ways to relieve tension and stress Take a walk, talk to someone Social Learning Approach o Alcohol abuse is dependent upon a specific operant response Use alcohol as a general response for life’s problems o Treatment focuses on the inappropriate times that they drink. Is their some way to avoid them drinking at awkward times? Conger o Sometimes individuals engage in drinking and they recognize it, yet they continue to do it Immediacy of reinforcement- pleasure is immediate Downsides of drinking come much later Tell your self if you modify it you wont have the problems next time If their was an immediate punishment, people wouldn’t drink
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Unformatted text preview: ♥ If the amount of drive and conflict affects an individuals anxiety levels, the ability of alcohol to reduce those anxiety levels is enough to overcome social pressure to not drink Early Learning Theorist o Saw drinking as an opportunity to reduce situations ripe wit conflict • The drinking response is being reinforced by anxiety reducing levels from alcohol o Thought anyone could learn to abuse alcohol if faced with enough stressful situations and drink in response to the situations • Good out ways the bad o People learn to be alcoholics through modeling- learn from others • Experience positive reinforcements • Connect drinking with a good way to relieve stress and anxiety o Nonbelievers • Not everyone drinks to relieve stress and anxiety ♥ Some might drink just because of the way it makes them feel or because there is a ball game on the TV...
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