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Notes 3-14 - Notes Zimberg therapy and individual therapy o...

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Notes 3/14/07 Zimberg- therapy and individual therapy o Varies from person to person and therapist to therapist o First and foremost, therapy is an art. You need to know where to intervene in an alcoholic’s life and where to leave things alone. o If you are going to intervene in someone’s defences: If a patient has been obsessive with drinking, you don’t want to eliminate all obsessive behavior in the individual. You take the obsessive behavior and redirect it to where the person is obsessed with staying sober. Work to make the person obsessed with sobriety. o 3 principles that one should recognize when working with alcoholics: o Establish a contract. Make it clear that the complete goal of therapy is to help the person lead a sober life. When an alcoholic walks through your door, you need to be upfront with them. Every effort in the early phases goes towards helping them be sober. Let them know you aren’t going to go off on tangents. Other problems can be dealt with later on down the road. o Therapist need to recognize and realize that their will be intense transference (transfer emotions towards the therapist). There will be a lot of dependency. The patient will see them as a primary care giver. They make want a lot of acceptance. You may experience a lot of manipulative behavior. The person may be looking out to catch you and get you to contradict yourself. They are going to try to see what they can and can’t get away with (test the limits). If you fail the test the first time, they will continue to test that you will do as you say (kick them out if they smell of alcohol). o
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Notes 3-14 - Notes Zimberg therapy and individual therapy o...

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