July 19 - Notes: July 19, 2007 Rape continued: *The...

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Notes: July 19, 2007 Rape continued: *The planning of the rape entails a lot of coercive techniques including alcohol. If the rapist doesn’t know the woman or know the woman well, he will seek out a woman that is vulnerable to attack. They may choose someone who is elderly, challenged, sleeping. Other victims are chosen by the way that they carry themselves. They may carry themselves submissively. There have been studies that show the victims were chosen because they appeared aggressive or carried themselves in a domineering way. *They argue that if a woman can appear confident w/out appearing aggressive she is less likely to be raped. Sometimes, when the rapist doesn’t know that victim, he will test her (ask for a cigarette, a phone) and he may touch her inappropriately. If she responds submissively, he may go ahead with his plans, but if she responds a little more aggressively, he may change his plans. *Most of your rapists do not usually use weapons. Usually once a rapist has his victim alone, verbal coercion is enough to get her to comply. When it is time for the actual forced intercourse that is when the violence begins. Most of the time, your rapists will switch between raping and sodomizing throughout the rape. Most rapists get some sort of thrill from humiliating the victim. *Gang Rapes (Amir)-he found that about 43% of all rapes were gang rapes. The perpetrators are somewhere between the ages of 14 and 19. He found that gang rapists typically come from lower class families and are members of gangs. ~He found that of the gang rapists that set up the rape.
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July 19 - Notes: July 19, 2007 Rape continued: *The...

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