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July 25 and July 26 - Notes: July 25, 2007 *3 situational...

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July 25, 2007 *3 situational influences: ~Adolescents- between the ages of 10 and 21. Every year 28,000 people commit suicide. It is estimated that another 3 million seriously consider suicide. Since 1970, the suicide rates for adolescent have increased. For the age range of 10-14 there has been a 150% increase in the number of people who commit suicide. While the increase for ages 15-19 hasn’t significantly gone up, it has increased 39%. ^Why do adolescents commit suicide? *They are conflicted about the fact that they are still treated like children in some ways and in other ways they are treated like adults. They resent being treated like children, but at their core they are fearful of adult responsibilities. *There is an increase in single-parent families and two-career families (less parental support). *The dramatic decline in the number of teens working during the summer leads to less parental supervision. *There is also lower church attendance. ~Going to college- more than 1,000 college students commit suicide every year. It is estimated that 1.5 million college students have considered suicide in the last month. College students who attend the most prestigious universities are more likely to kill themselves. They argue that there is greater pressure to achieve in an intensely competitive atmosphere. At any given institution, your suicide prone individuals are those who do better than others, but if their grades decline, they are more likely to commit suicide. If someone’s grades drop from A’s to D’s and F’s, this is a warning sign. People who kill themselves tend to have weaker social ties. Some people are overwhelmed by total freedom. ~Being in prison- people in prison are 5-8 times more likely to commit suicide than any free citizen. The majority of people who die in prison do so by hanging themselves. They are typically white, in their early 20’s, and they are either single not married or divorced and lack social relationships. The people who tend to kill themselves haven’t been convicted of anything. They are usually the people awaiting trial in a county jail. Usually they are awaiting trial on some minor charge…something that doesn’t carry that much time. Usually they are these young guys that are put in county jails and they are terrified. There is a loss of freedom and they have heard all the stories. They are uncertain about what is going to happen with their charges. If they are going to commit suicide, they usually do it during the initial phase of imprisonment. You are trying to adapt, but you haven’t yet. *Durkheim- why people commit suicide: ~Suicide is related to 2 major factors: ^Social integration- how attached are you to society and others in society. *Egoistic suicide- this is someone who is cut off from society.
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July 25 and July 26 - Notes: July 25, 2007 *3 situational...

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