August 6 - Notes August 6 2007 Underprivileged...

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Notes: August 6, 2007 Underprivileged deviance *Robbery- this is considered both a property (take someone’s stuff) and violent (involves the use or threat of use of force) crime. ~Property Crime- Robbery is rational and calculated. For one thing, the motive is usually the same….MONEY. ^Two factors influence who you rob: *How much stuff you are going to get. You size the person up. How likely is it that the person has something worth stealing? *What are the chances of getting caught? You try to determine if it is worth the risk. ^The majority of robberies involve rather careful planning. Just like w/ any endeavor, the more you plan, the more likely you are to get away with it. The guys who tend to get caught are those who take chances and unnecessary risks. Only about 1 in 4 robberies results in an arrest. ~Violent Crime- A person does not have to be armed. The robberies that involve a weapon have very little violence. The robberies in which the person is not armed, involve the most violence. When violence does occur when the person has a weapon, a person is much more likely to end up dead. ^66% of unarmed robberies result in injury. Only 17% of armed robberies end up with some sort of injury. ^The advantages of having a gun are fourfold: *It creates a buffer zone. *Guns (weapons) intimidating. *It insures making an escape. ^Robbery tends to be a large city crime that involves strangers. The northeast has the highest robbery rates. ^Robberies tend to occur in the colder months (peak around Christmas time) because: *People tend to have more money on them (Christmas shopping). *Store registers have more cash because of shopping increases. *The number of people on the streets tends to be limited to those
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August 6 - Notes August 6 2007 Underprivileged...

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