July 24 - Notes: July 24, 2007 Elder abuse *About 25% of...

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Notes: July 24, 2007 Elder abuse *About 25% of the elderly population requires care. Most elderly live with a relative instead of an assisted living facility. A large majority of the caregivers are responsible for the abuse. *Physical abuse isn’t always the form of the abuse. Other forms of abuse are neglect and financial exploitation. ~The adult caregiver is often times diverting their funds for their needs instead of the elders. ~If you are an elderly individual, you are more likely to be abused if you live w/ your family or a caregiver than if you are living on your own. When you are with your family, there is a lot of stress dealing with taking care of you. *Elderly are more likely to suffer abuse if they are socially isolated. *There tends to be no rate difference between elderly abuses in the classes. *Today’s women are having children at a later age. This creates the sandwich generation. These women are caught between taking care of their younger children and their parents and/or grandparents. This creates too much strain on the woman. This leads to the abuse. *The majority of caregivers do not abuse the elderly. The person who has to deal with the everyday strain (live in caregiver) is most likely to abuse. This is true when the live in caregiver is anti social, addicted to drugs or alcohol, unemployment, legal issues, and emotional instability. They will also have financial problems too. ~Stress related to personal and/or financial problems drives most elder abuse. *3 theories to why family violence occurs ~Social Learning Theory- people are likely to engage in violence if they have been exposed to violence.
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July 24 - Notes: July 24, 2007 Elder abuse *About 25% of...

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