July 20 - Notes: July 20, 2007 Sexual Assault continued:...

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Notes: July 20, 2007 Sexual Assault continued: *Some people argue that there is a hidden culture of rape in our society; however, it doesn’t influence all men in our society. What kinds of men are more likely to be influenced? They tend to be immature, irresponsible, and lacking in social conflicts. *What exactly is a rape culture? ~It involves treating women as if they are men’s property. Women have historically been looked at as property (father GIVES away his daughter in marriage). ~A few decades ago, there was no law against marital rape. Men used to could beat their wives. ~Men tend to look at partners who have been raped as damaged property. When a married woman gets raped by a stranger or acquaintance, in about 75%-80% of the cases, she winds up getting divorced within 2 years of the incident. ~Scolly & Morola- interviewed 114 rapists. A majority of the rapists did not think that they would go to jail for what they did. They view women as sexual objects to be used by men, and they have no right to say no. ^The second thing they argued is that men tend to use women in masculinity contests. It is considered masculine to date a lot of women, and it is especially considered masculine to sleep with a lot of women. This reduces women to objects. They are there to be used. ~Women are asking to be used sexually. This myth is common among lower class males. The majority of rapists will cling to the notion that the girl encouraged them. They claim that the girl seduced them. ~Why a rape culture exists: ^We socialize boys to be rough and tough, and we socialize girls to be sweet and lady-like. As we get older, the socialization towards boys doesn’t change (rough, tough, competitive), but girls are still socialized to
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July 20 - Notes: July 20, 2007 Sexual Assault continued:...

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