July 23 - Notes Family Violence*Myths about family violence...

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Notes: July 23, 2007 Family Violence *Myths about family violence: ~Family violence hits only the poor. False…The poor are 5 times more likely to suffer from family violence. About 13.4% of blue collar families versus 10.4% of white collar families experience family violence. ~Violence and love cannot happen together. False…child abuse can null this. They may hit their children, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love them. We know that most of the people that abuse their spouses and/or children typically feel remorse. ~Abused children grow up to be abusive parent. False…it makes it more likely, but a large number of abused children do not grow up to be abusive parents. ~Alcohol and drugs are always used in family violence. False…Users are more likely to be violent, but they are not always used. Male binge drinkers (5 or more drinks in a sitting) abuse their wives at 3 times the rate of non binge drinkers. Alcohol and drugs may play a role, but that doesn’t mean you abuse your family. *Extent of family violence- the extent of family violence is in the definition. If you define it more narrowly (like most people) the abuse rate falls to about 5%. If you are broad about it, it is around 85%. ~Narrow definition of family violence- any physical or sexual violence severe enough to cause injury. ^At some point, marital rape occurs in 8%-14% of marriages. ^Wife beating occurs in about 3% of marriages. ^About 5%-6% of children will be abused each year. ^About 2% of the elderly are abused each year. *In about half of the cases of spousal abuse, the women initiate the act. Men tend to hit harder and hit last. Men tend to not be on the receiving end of injury. *Marital Rape- forced sex within a marriage. It is men forcing women to have sex when they don’t want to, and men forcing women to engage in some sort of sexual act that they don’t want to. ~Anal intercourse is the most common form of sodomy.
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July 23 - Notes Family Violence*Myths about family violence...

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