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July 6 - NOTES July 6 2007 3 theories(they overlap enough...

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NOTES: July 6, 2007 3 theories (they overlap enough to cover everything) Conflict (Macro Theory) *Proletariat (working class) - 90% *Bourgeoisie (rich/elite) - 10% ~they compete over scarce resources…the more I have, the less you have ~early sociologists thought their would be a war between the two and that the Proletariats would win ~everybody would give freely (1 person should be happy living in a small apartment no matter their wealth) (the more people in your family, the bigger your house) ~Brain surgeon vs. general practitioner (PROFIT MOTIVE) ~more modern sociologist: anytime anything happens in the world ask this… Who benefits from this ? The elites do. ~Tobacco is the leading killer when it comes to drugs, yet you can still smoke it…because the elites are head of the companies. Functionalism (Macro Theory) *society is like the human body. Each institution is like organs…they each serve a different purpose (Government, School, Economy, Family, Religion, etc.) ~Government makes rules ~Religion gives you answers
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