July 17 - Notes: July 17, 2007 Murder continued: School...

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Notes: July 17, 2007 Murder continued: School Violence- until the 90’s, school violence was considered a big city problem. Starting with Columbine and other school shooting, we realized that it affected little towns also. When this started up, we started paying attention to juvenile crime. *3 reasons for increased school violence: ~More guns are readily available. It is easier to conceal and hide a gun. ~Glamorization of violence. Movies and TV and music glamorize using violence to get what you want (Grand Theft Auto video game). ~A culture of violence has set in. This is especially true in the South. The South leads all other regions in the number of deaths (under 18 years old) due to fire arms. A culture of violence has done two things: ^ promoted carrying weapons ^ promoted using violence to settle debates * The willingness of a child to commit homicide is increased by: ~ abuse from their parents ~ Ever having been rejected or taunted or ostracized by their peers ~Suffering from depression *Less than 1% of juvenile homicide occurs at school. Schools are fairly safe place for kids to be. *School shootings, kids carrying weapons, and physical altercations have all gone down in the last few years. There are school resource officers, metal detectors, and other resources to help with this. Stalking- pursuing someone in a way that creates the fear of being assaulted or killed. An offender may follow you, spy on you, send you unsolicited letters (creepy love letters), call you, stand outside your home, school or workplace, give you lavish presents, vandalize your property, and/or harm and/or kill your pets. If they are not stalked, they may end up assaulting or killing the victim. Some people claim that the act of being
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July 17 - Notes: July 17, 2007 Murder continued: School...

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