July 31 - Notes: July 31, 2007 Prostitution continued...

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Notes: July 31, 2007 Prostitution continued *House Prostitute- they go to a residence, and they introduce you to a woman. You negotiate the price for the sexual acts. This is safer for the girls. You have to get an id to work at a brothel, and they typically have weekly check-ups. They exclusively use condoms. ~There are upsides to working on a brothel: ^Safety ^Girls in the brothel can actually bond with each other. ~Downside: ^You can’t set your own hours ^Give half your earnings to the house *Call Girl- these have the highest status of all the prostitutes. It is possible for them to make as much money as doctors and lawyers. They tend to be more educated and sophisticated. They often don’t refer to themselves as prostitutes. They usually get business by word of mouth customers recommend them to other customers. They get a lot of repeat business. The girls are generally very discrete. They don’t name drop (high ranking officials usually hire call girls). They generally don’t steal, and they typically won’t let you overpay because you are drunk. They frequently feel like they are in charge, but to a certain extent this is an illusion because your business depends so much on the word of mouth. *Social and sexual Backgrounds (Roberta Perkins) - for years, there have been myths about prostitutes that they are all heavy drug users with low self-esteem and emotionally disturbed. She says that this is bias. At most, 30% of prostitutes are drug abusers and
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July 31 - Notes: July 31, 2007 Prostitution continued...

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