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Journalism Exam 4 Study Guide

Journalism Exam 4 Study Guide - Types of advertising The...

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Study Sheet for Chapters 10, 11, 12 and 14, plus lectures and videos What is PR? According to your book and according to class lectures Early History of PR Historical Stages of PR Billing practices for PR Types of PR activities Organization of PR Operation Types of research PR people engage in Detour into Propaganda Propaganda devices Globalization and Specialization Convergence in PR Differences between IMC And Viral Marketing Early history of Advertising Consumer culture (how it’s defined; it’s intended purpose) Definition of advertising What is AIDA? Factors contributing to the growth of advertising Coming of professionalism in advertising Who monitors and how is advertising regulated? Criticisms of advertising What are the defenses of advertising?
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Unformatted text preview: Types of advertising The FTC and their options in regulating advertising Advertising research Advertising and TV Billing practices Difference between CPM an ROI Organization structure Cyberadvertising New economic structures of advertising Evolution of the Internet (from class lecture and what was covered the book Internet and Democracy Terms WAN, URL. ISPs, Protocol, binary code Application of the Internet Downside of the Internet Governing Cyberspace World developments & the Internet Foundations of a free press Differences between libel, slander, prior restraint, indecency, safe harbor, obscenity, pornography Copyright, public domain Social Responsibility Theory Three levels of ethics...
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