Phillips - Lost and Escape Kate Austen has escaped once...

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Lost and Escape Kate Austen has escaped once again. As the female lead on the television series LOST, Kate has (or had) many secrets hidden from the other survivors of Oceanic 815, including the reason why she was on the plane. Taken place on an unknown island after a devastating plane crash flown from Australia intending on going back to Los Angeles, LOST reveals that Kate has a mysterious past that will soon unfold in front of others. Since she was twenty-four years old, Kate has been running and hiding. For five years, she was Monica, Annie, Meg, and Joan, among others. In fact, from watching this television series, it is hard to imagine Kate not always on the run. After crashing on the island, in a way, all the characters are given new identities. Since no one knows of their pasts, nearly all survivors of Oceanic 815 hide in one way or another their true selves. Kate Austen was a fugitive before the plane crash. In Australia, she was on her way back to the United States accompanied by a US marshal. The marshal was the only one who knew Kate, and he dies. Therefore, Kate chooses to hide her true identity and invents a new one. She almost successfully escapes from her past life and escapes to a new life on the island. Unfortunately, Kate’s past cannot be undone. Her history was soon revealed. She cannot escape forever. Kate first became a fugitive when she blows up her house with her stepfather Wayne still inside. She did not appreciate him constantly beating her mother. Kate leaves her mother a home insurance policy and runs off. While buying a ticket leaving the state, US Marshal Edward Mars captures Kate. Her mother actually called the authorities to arrest her own daughter. Luckily, Kate was able to flee when an unexpected car crash happens. This is the beginning of Kate Austen’s life as a fugitive.
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Not knowing what to do next, Kate goes to her father, Sergeant Sam Austen. She needed to find out the truth. Sam confesses that he is not Kate’s biological father: Wayne is. Sam was worried if once Kate finds out about Wayne, she would kill him. He then tells her that he must call the police and let them know she was there, but he would not call until an hour later. Kate flees. Having a mother who betrayed her and a father who cannot protect her, Kate has to leave.
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Phillips - Lost and Escape Kate Austen has escaped once...

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