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reflection paper - Truth = Illusion In essays written by...

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In essays written by Nietzsche and Phillips, as well as the novel and film of The Prestige, terms such as illusion and truth are used frequently. Some may think that the truth and an illusion are two completely irrelevant terms. What do those two have in common? For Nietzsche, Phillips, characters in The Prestige, and the author of The Barnum Museum, everything. The two terms may even connect together like a piece of the puzzle. For most, the truth is probably preferred above everything else. Everyday on the streets or on television, we may hear from people that they just want to “know the truth.” Well then, what is the truth? And what is an illusion? Can the truth be an illusion? For many people, yes, it can be. Nietzsche argues that truth is not always true. He claims that there are many truths. The reason why everyone thinks that there is only one truth is so the world will not go into chaos. Nietzsche more than once states that truths are not what everyone perceives to be. A famous quote from his essay “On Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense” declares that “truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions” (455). The truth can just be the answer that most people believe is right. Nietzsche believes that the truth is an illusion, and because all we see are illusions, we categorize them with the truth. Truth is only what people perceives to be the truth. Everyone’s version of the truth is different. People are under false impressions all the time. As Nietzsche says, “the liar is a person who uses the valid designations, the words, in order to make something which is unreal appear to be real” (Nietzsche 453). Anyone can twist words and change a lie into a truth, or vice versa. Judging by how you look at it, everything can be the truth, or everything can just be a lie, an
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reflection paper - Truth = Illusion In essays written by...

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