LAB3LECTURE2 - decomposed organic material -material that...

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This profile This profile illustrates a typical poorly-developed soil that could be found on the mountains in the Blackburg area. First note we have the horizons O, A, B, C, and R. Then note we have three separate “O” horizons, designated “i", “e”, and “a”. The “i” indicates unde- composed organic matter like leaves that are more-or-less com- pletely intact, large pieces of bark, and twigs. The “e” indicates par- tially decomposed organic matter. Imagine organic matter that you could identify as being leaves, but broken down to the point where you couldn’t identify what type of leaves they are - this would be the “Oe” horizon. The “a” indcates
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Unformatted text preview: decomposed organic material -material that you can tell is organic, but you cant tell if it started out as a leaf, or bark, or twigs. You usually find this as a mat directly above the mineral soil. The other subordinate sym-bol here is the small w which indicates that the B horizon is weakly developed. The Bw horizon is distinguished from the A and the C by some development of color and structure, but there is very little accumulation of weath-ering products. TYPICAL POORLY-DEVELOPED SOIL PROFILE FOUND THROUGHOUT THE Bw C R A Oi: Leaves Oe: Partially Decomposed OM Oa: Decomposed OM Page 5...
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LAB3LECTURE2 - decomposed organic material -material that...

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