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Focus Review 4 Concepts learned 2-3 sentences for each concept1)Assessment and Management of Newborn Complications: Interventions for a Small forGestational Age Newborn2)Bleeding During Pregnancy: Discharge Teaching Following Dilation and Curettage3)AMNIOCENTESIS) Obtain FHR PRIOR to procedure.4)With Rh negative will be given Rho(D) immune globulin, to protect against Rh isimmunization.1)A nurse is caring for a 2weekold infant. What are the expected findings when eliciting a startle reflex?2)The nurse is assessing a pregnant client at 20 weeks gestation for risk factors for preeclampsia. Whatrisk factors would the nurse assess for?Assessment A1)NONSTRESS TEST: NURSING INTERVENTIONS:“What are you looking at while you monitor my baby?”Which trimester can this noninvasive test be performed? 3rd, 32 weeksWhy do we ALSO need to connect the client to the Toco transducer during this test?What is the ‘normal’ range for the FHR? (page 86)2)Identification of Prolonged Decelerations:3)Assessing Fetal Lung maturity (prior to birth)4)Expected Lab findings:Assessment B1)Pitocin (Oxytocin)2)Teach client about hysterosalpingography:
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