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buad ch 19 - BUAD 304 1 GE uses a planned change which is...

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BUAD 304 1. GE uses a planned change, which is change that is intentional and goal oriented. This type of change process would be classified under action research. This type of change process is based on systematic collection of data and then selection of a change action based on what the analyzed data indicate. The GE Work-Out brings together employees and managers from different functions and levels within the country to participate in a 3-day meeting to discuss and solve problems that have been identified. This follows the action research process because this is the systematic collection of data. The Work-Out continues to follow the action research process by having a Town meeting where the manager in charge is required to make a yes or no decision on the spot. This acts as the selection of a change based on what the analyzed data indicated. 2. This should work because you are bringing together lower level employees with upper management and this creates a less bureaucratic environment where lower level employees feel better about talking to upper management. It
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