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Momentum - 4 In all of our collisions kinetic energy was...

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1. 2. In most of the cases momentum was conserved. In cases 2, 4, and 12 the momentum was not conserved. There must have been some sort of experimental error involved in these cases. In most of these cases the weight was equal and both cart were moving, with the exception of case 12, in which the velocities were higher then our previous collisions. 3. Momentum should be conserved in such a collision. The bumpers have rubber bands that in theory would store potential energy as the cart pushes on the rubber band, and then return this energy to the cart in the opposite direction.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In all of our collisions kinetic energy was lost. Our data was much more consistent in runs 6 through 11. Runs 1 through 5 were all over the place, but run 1 had pretty good conservation of kinetic energy. 5. Our measurement almost returned the opposite results one would expect. The collisions with the bumpers, which one would expect to be elastic, returned very inconsistent results. Kinetic energy was conserved better in the collisions with the wax/pin. 6. a 7....
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