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Final Project - Shane Marcheson Ms. Rosemary Tomani EN111...

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Shane Marcheson Marcheson 01 Ms. Rosemary Tomani EN111 0B May 1, 2007 A Critical Look at Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works are almost all of the allegorical variety. “Young Goodman Brown” is no exception to this rule. This story on the surface seems to deal with one mans discovery of evil in his world, but actually deals with humanity as a whole. Hawthorne had issues with the Puritan religion. This story speaks to the divisive nature of this and all religions. The title of the work itself is an allegory. Taken apart it holds more meaning than one might think. Young Goodman implies innocence. I picture a naïve character blind to the true nature of humanity. The surname Brown, being very common, makes the character an everyman. We have a protagonist who is an innocent in a hard world due for an awakening. This is someone we can all relate to. Another allegorical figure in this story is Goodman’s wife Faith. She is aptly named in a story dealing with religion and evil. When the Devil asks why Goodman is late he replies “Faith kept me back a while.” When he discovers that all he found pure in the world is corrupted, including his wife, he cries “My Faith is gone!” In both instances it can be interpreted that he is speaking of his wife and faith itself (Gale). Goodman needs Faith to be happy in the world, and when he loses her to evil he is never the same.
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Marcheson 02 He dies without “faith” in his heart, and “they carved no hopeful verse upon his
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Final Project - Shane Marcheson Ms. Rosemary Tomani EN111...

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