HW_2 2007 - Assume that the Monod kinetics apply and the...

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CHE 339/ BME 339/BIO 335 Fall 2007 Homework #2 Assigned: Sept. 6, 2007 Due: Thursday, September 20, 2007 1. From Kargi and Shuler. 2) Pseudomonas sp. has a mass doubling time of 2.4 h when grown on acetate as the sole carbon source (assume this is the minimum doubling time corresponding to cells growing at μ max ) . The saturation constant for acetate is 1.3 g/l (a value which is unusually high) and the yield is Y x/acetate = 0.46 g cells/g acetate. For a chemostat operated on a feed stream containing 38 g/l acetate calculate the following: a) Critical dilution rate b) Cell concentration when the dilution rate is one-half the maximum. c) Substrate concentration when the dilution rate is 0.8 Dcrit.
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3) The production of a certain product has been described by the following expression: R p = A μ + B where R p is the specific productivity (mg product/g cell/hr), m is the specific growth rate (hr -1 ), and A and B are constants equal to 1.0 mg product/ g cells and 1.0 mg product/g cells/hr, respectively. Calculate the steady state cell, substrate and product concentration in a chemostat.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume that the Monod kinetics apply and the substrate utilization for maintenance and product synthesis is negligible. Data: max =2.0 hr-1 K s = 0.001 g /l Y x/s = 0.5 g cells/g substrate F= 1.0 l/hr V=1.0 l S in = 10 g/l (substrtate inlet conc.) 4) In a two stage chemostat system the volumes of the first and second reactors are V1=500 l and V2=300 l respectively. The first tank is used for biomass production and the second reactor is for secondary metabolite production. The flow rate, F=100 l/hr and the glucose concentration in the feed is Sin=5.0 g/l. The second tank is kept at a temperature above the maximum temperature for cell growth so that =0 in the second tank . Using the following constants determine the concentration of product in the effluent of the second tank. S in = 5.0 g/l Y x/s = 0.4 g cell/g substrate K s = 0.1 g/l max = 0.3 hr-1 Rp = 0.02 (g product/g cells hr) * X...
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HW_2 2007 - Assume that the Monod kinetics apply and the...

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