film analysis - Gary Elledge Comm 1113 Film Anaylsis: War...

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Comm 1113 Film Anaylsis: War of the Roses The movie War of the Roses is a great example of many types of communication in a relationship. The movie outlines the complete relationship and ending of the relationship of Mr. and Mrs. Rose. Mark Knapp’s five stages of coming together and coming apart are very evident in this movie throughout. Knapp’s stages are not only obvious during the movie, but they are exactly acted out and dramatized to show the reality of the stages. The first stage of coming together is initiating, this happen immediately in the movie. It starts when she runs into an auction tent where he is shopping. She notices him from across the tent and decides to make a move. He is bidding on an item and she out bids him, which catches his eye. After the auction is over, he catches up to her and offers to carry her things. As he carries her things for her, they walk and talk. This is the next stage of coming together, experimenting. It is called experimenting because they are getting to know each other on a surface level. He finds out that she is a gymnast and she discovers he is an aspiring lawyer. It is now clear they are definitely attracted to each other. The next level is intensifying. This level is shown less in the movie, probably due to time. The only thing that seems to be a clear sign of this is they had sex, which in many people’s eyes shows closeness in a relationship. The next two stages, integrating and bonding, are a lot harder to point out in the
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film analysis - Gary Elledge Comm 1113 Film Anaylsis: War...

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