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Pennekamp 1 Alexander Pennekamp Prof. Rafael Sassot FA 241 3 April 2008 10 Tracks I would like to start by saying that I chose my tracks based on the notion that, as stated in class, I would carry these tracks for the rest of my life with no other outside form of music. This is an important aspect, because it allowed me a certain strategy when selecting my songs. I decided that, if living my life amidst these tracks, I would need different tracks to accompany different moods. I would need a variation of tempos, melodies and instrumentations, as well as a blend between vocal, instrumental and beat driven music. Therefore, I would by no means say that these ten tracks represent my “favorite” overall ten songs of all time, but rather represent the most palatable songs that meet with the aforementioned criteria. To expand on the idea, I know that, for example, there are certain types of songs that I enjoy listening to as I am going to sleep. This would serve as a stark contrast to a song that I would enjoy dancing to, or for that matter a song that I would listen to when feeling upset. As stated in class, many people (and myself included) stated that music is tied very closely with emotion. In this sentiment, I feel that this was the major if not sole reason for my selections. I would like to explain each track that I have chosen in terms of what these songs mean to me through my personal life experiences. These songs were not chosen at random based on their musical or emotional qualities alone; each track has marked some point in my life that is equally as significant as the “mood” that they evoke with me. I would definitely say that my tracks embody varying complexities, with a spectrum of
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Pennekamp 2 prominent beat driven (dance songs), and non-prominent beat driven songs. In the broad scope of all of my tracks, there are clearly defined differences in the ‘feel’ of each song. I would consider T1 (Track one) Hurt to be an almost somber song that also incorporates, to me, the motion of drifting slowly away. In this sense, it would double almost as a ‘lullaby’ for me. This is a huge contrast to T10 Fascination MAXX , which has an electric pulse, and incredible beat driven nature. From T10, I get the feeling of jumping, dancing, and moving quickly in an almost adrenaline-infused manner. For this reason of variety in structure, purpose and personal significance, I feel that the only logical progression would be working through each song. T1 Hurt by Christina Aguilera is a song that speaks to me (as mentioned previously) as a lullaby, but also as a more somber song, intended to be listened to through hard times. I find personal significance in the lyrics of this song, as it was introduced to me by one of my absolute best friends, during a time in my life when I was feeling the loss of a loved one. In this respect the lyrics are one of the most important parts of this song. I find the voice of Christina to be absolutely enchanting, and the incredible quality of the track is also something that had
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TenTracksFinal - Pennekamp 1 Alexander Pennekamp Prof....

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