Chapter 8 Answers to Review Questions

Chapter 8 Answers to Review Questions - Chapter 8 Answers...

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Chapter 8 Answers to Questions for Review 1. a. An extremely large body of air whose properties of temperature and humidity are fairly similar in any horizontal direction at any given altitude. b. In order for a huge mass of air to develop uniform characteristics, its source region should be generally flat and of uniform composition with light surface winds. 2. Polar air originating over land will be classified cP on a surface weather map. In winter, an extremely cold air mass that forms over the arctic is designated as cA, continental arctic. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to distinguish between arctic and polar air masses, especially when the arctic air mass has traveled over warmer terrain. 3. cP air is responsible for extremely cold temperatures during winter, and refreshing cool temperatures in summer. 4. Lake-effect snows are snowstorms that form on the downwind side of a large lake. Cold, dry air crossing a lake gains moisture and warmth from the water. The more buoyant air rises, forming clouds that deposit snow on the lake's lee shore. 5. The middle latitudes, where the central US is located and where surface temperatures and moisture characteristics vary considerably, are not good source regions. Instead, this region is a transition zone where air masses with different physical properties move in, clash, and produce an exciting array of weather activity. 6. cP: cold, dry, stable. mP: cool, moist, unstable. cT: hot, dry stable air aloft, unstable surface air. mT: warm, moist, usually unstable.
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Chapter 8 Answers to Review Questions - Chapter 8 Answers...

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