Chapter 11 Answers to Questions for Review

Chapter 11 Answers to Questions for Review - Chapter 11...

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Chapter 11 Answers to Questions for Review 1. A weak trough of low pressure in the tropics. They generally travel from east to west. On the eastern side, where the southeasterly winds converge, rising air generates showers and thunderstorms. 2. Streamlines are useful because they show where surface air converges and diverges. 3. Typhoon. 4. Horizontal structure: As one approaches the hurricane, the sky becomes overcast with cirrostratus clouds; barometric pressure drops slowly at first, then more rapidly as we move closer to the center. Winds blow from the north and northwest with ever-increasing speed as we near the eye. The high winds, which generate huge waves over 10 m (33 ft) high, are accompanied by heavy rainshowers. As we move into the eye, the winds slacken, rainfall ceases, and the sky brightens, as middle and high clouds appear overhead. Vertical structure: Near the surface, moist tropical air flows in toward the hurricane’s center. Adjacent to the eye, this air rises and condenses into huge cumulonimbus clouds that produce heavy rainfall, as much as 25 cm (10 in.) per hour. Near the top of the clouds, the relatively dry air, having lost much of its moisture, begins to flow outward away from the center. This diverging air aloft actually produces an anticyclonic (clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere) flow of air several hundred kilometers from the eye. 5. Air is sinking in the eye, causing adiabatic warming and preventing cloud development. 6. Hurricanes form over tropical waters where the surface winds are light, the humidity is high in a deep layer extending up through the troposphere, and the surface water temperature is warm, typically
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Chapter 11 Answers to Questions for Review - Chapter 11...

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