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SPAN346 - Dog in the Manger (Final)

SPAN346 - Dog in the Manger (Final) - for acquiring land...

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Alexander Pennekamp Prof. Duff 19 March 2008 Spanish 346 The Dog in the Manger The secretary of Agriculture, Miguel Campos, hurried to deny claims that the government was supporting this purely parliamentary government bill (which originated with small-scale farmers under the Argentine Agrarian Federation), and his words are probably more sincere than the concurrent governmental denial about halting the massive security campaign. There’s no reason to fear that a lethargic Congress might approve this project; even if they did, foreigners would be able to find abundant loopholes in the law
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Unformatted text preview: for acquiring land through companies and business contracts. Nevertheless, the negative image of this thoughtless governmental bill could perhaps be as dangerous as its implementation in regards to rural property prices and employment: especially coming from the only country in the world to impose export taxes. Even though the underlying defensive nationalism of this bill could prove honorable, why have they applied it to the land alone?...
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